Welcome to the Basic Tutorial

This tutorial will take you on a simple tour of the fundamental functions contained in the application. It will teach you how to find key information and give you an idea of the general flow of functionality within the product.

Are you Online ??

Before you can begin you must determine that you are Online to the trading network. This information is easily identifiable and is located on the Menu Bar at the top of the application window.

Check this now before you proceed. Your menu bar should look like this!

Navigating the Tutorial Window

Notice in the top right corner of the tutorial window. Throughout the tutorial you will use these to step backwards and forwards through the tutorial. Once you have completed a set of instructions, click on the right to move forward to the next topic in the tutorial.

The left frame contains three tabs labelled Contents, Index and Search. You can use these tabs at any time to do the following:


To do this, activate the Contents tab then double-click on one of the topics listed to display that topic in the right (this) frame.

Note: While it is possible to jump to any topic at any time, if you have never used this product before it is a good idea to start at the beginning and work your way sequentially through the topics.



To do this activate the Index tab then click on an item to display the topic that discusses that item or to view a list of topics that refer to that item.


To do this, activate the Search tab then type a keyword in the box provided and press Enter on your keyboard. A list of topics displays that contain information on that keyword.

Close the Tutorial

You may close the tutorial at any time by clicking on the in the top right corner of the tutorial window.