Security Information - Australia

Personal Firewall / Internet Security

A firewall is a protective boundary that monitors and restricts information that travels between your computer and a network or the internet. You need to configure personal firewall software to allow access.

The following configuration information applies to Australia.

Note: The application is transitioning to a new server setup. During a transitional period, both the old configuration and the new configuration will be available. If you are experiencing difficulties with your current setup, try the alternate (new) settings listed below, or contact the Australian Helpdesk: 1800 681 078.


Alternate settings:

Network IP Addresses



Alternate settings:

Note: Use "Networks" instead of "Hosts" when configuring firewall rules.

Windows firewall port details

Alternate settings:


Alternate settings

Other security configurations

Firewall and Network Configuration

The direct connection via port 6080 (Alternate: 6443) is recommended for the most efficient operation of this application.

To use this product from behind a corporate firewall using port 6080 (Alternate: 6443), the following is required:

The client software will attempt to initiate a direct socket connection to port 608 (Alternate: 6443) on the Data Feed server. When a direct connection is unavailable, a lower quality connection will be established via port 80 (Alternate: 443) using the HTTP (Alternate: HTTPS) protocol. This connection will work via the same proxy used to retrieve web pages for the browser.

With either connection (port 6080 or port 80) (Alternate: port 6443 or port 433), the firewall must not remove Java applet tags from incoming HTML. Some firewalls can be configured to strip Java applet tags from incoming pages. This product cannot work through such a firewall unless special dispensation is given to HTML from the source server (WEB.IRESS.COM.AU).