Welcome to the Basic Tutorial

This tutorial will take you on a simple tour of the fundamental functions contained in the application. It teaches you how to find key information and give you an idea of the general flow of functionality within the application.

Are you online?

Before you can begin, check that you are online to the trading network. This information is located on the Menu Bar at the top of the screen. Check that your menu bar looks like this:

To navigate the tutorial window

Notice the arrows in the top right corner of the tutorial window. Use these to step backwards and forwards through the tutorial. Once you have completed a set of instructions, click the right arrow to move forward to the next topic in the tutorial.

Click the Show button to display the navigation pane, which contains three tabs:

Display a list of the tutorial topics as well as the release notes and online help for the application. To do this, activate the Contents tab then click on one of the topics listed to display that topic.

Access an alphabetical list of items of interest covered in the online help. To do this, activate the Index tab then click on an item to display the topic that discusses that item or to view a list of topics that refer to that item.

Search for topics that contain information relating to a specific keyword. To do this, activate the Search tab. Type a keyword in the box provided and then press Enter on your keyboard. A list of topics displays that contain that keyword.

To print the Basic Tutorial

  1. Right-click on this topic. A pop-up menu displays.

  2. Click Print. The Print dialog box displays.

  3. Tick the Print all linked documents checkbox.

Tip: The location and wording of this checkbox varies depending on your browser. If the dialog box has tabs, check each tab to locate the checkbox.

  1. Click OK or Print.

Topics in the Basic Tutorial